How to change Time in Boat Smartwatch without App or Phone

How to change Time in Boat Smartwatch without App or Phone

How to change Time in Boat Smartwatch without App or Phone – Hello everyone, let us in this contact exam on how to adjust the time on your boat smartwatch. Here in the further context, you will be going to grab all the important details with respect to the given topic. What you have to do is just go through the contexts by the end and get to collect the details with respect to it.

What is Boat?

Boat which is one of the finest brands in the tech accessories market here we are going to watch the time setting of the port smart watches. Boat is an Indian-based company which has been incorporated in the month of November 2013. It is a company that provides you with online accessories of its brand which provides some multi-category consumer electronic products.

The boat provides earphones, headphones, stereos, hair trimmers, Power banks, travel charger, smartwatches, and cables. Boat is a company that was founded by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta and in 2022 it reached the mark of being one of the biggest wearable electronics brands. Boat designs and provides in the market a variety of audio-focused consumer electronics which also includes wireless earbuds wired headphones wireless speakers audio equipment smartwatches and a short ment of mobile phone accessories. Now we are here to watch out for how to change the time and date in boat smartwatches.

How to change Time in Boat Smartwatch?

To change the time in the Boat Smartwatch, just follow the steps:

  • Access the Settings Menu – First of all, you have to tap or press the button on your boat smartwatch to wake it up. After this, you have to navigate the main menu on the home screen by just swiping left or right until you do not find the setting option. After all this, you have to select the setting option and enter it into the settings menu.
  • Time and Date Settings – Now first of all you have to look at the time and date for having and similar option which you will find under the settings menu. After this, you can easily change the settings for your smartwatch time and also date display here.
  • Set Time – After watching under the time and date setting first look for the set time or set clock option. Then after tapping it to open the time setting interface.
  • Adjust the Time – Now set the hours as well as the minutes with respect to the proper time using the available choices. Some of the smartwatches will not allow you to switch between a.m. and p.m. if it is possible.
  • Confirm and Save – After you have set the correct time you can easily confirm your decision and the smartwatch will easily save your updated time settings.

These were some of the steps by which you can easily set time in the Boat Smartwatch.

How to set time in a boat smartwatch with the phone?

If you want to change the time of your boat smartwatch with the help of your phone then first of all you have to watch whether it is connected to your Boat app or not. To sync the timing on your boat smartwatch make sure that it is connected to your application after that the time will easily and automatically match your phone's timing if it is connected. It is very necessary to adjust the time on your phone and hear your smartwatch easily get updated accordingly to your smartphone.


For existing the time on your boat smartwatch is a very simple procedure that offers you the correct timing. If you manually adjust it at the watch or sink it with your phone then you have to get the time right which makes your alarm, notification, and other features work properly. Here you can easily keep your boat smart watches on time by having the tips.

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