How to connect Pit Boss to WiFi

How to connect Pit Boss to WiFi

How to connect Pit Boss to WiFi – The Smoke It app has been upgraded to support their new grill line-up and add more and better capabilities to the Pit Boss App. This context will tell how to set up, use, and operate the Pit Boss Smoke IT app if you are unsure how to do so.

How to connect Pit Boss to WiFi
How to connect Pit Boss to WiFi

You are greeted by the interface, which takes you to the home page where you can view all of your Pit Boss vitals, including the temperature of the grill and the readings from the meat phone. You may get a fast overview of your grill's status on the home screen. Even better, the app has a fantastic smoke animation that shows smoke rushing out of the bottom to indicate that the grill is on.

By selecting the controller board symbol, you may access additional features that show more specific details about your grill.

How do I install the Smoke It app?

The App is available for Android users through the Google Play Store and iPhone users through the Apple App Store.

Future updates to the software are provided without charge. Users of Android and iPhone devices go through a similar process, however, the setting of the apps differs significantly depending on your smart device.

On the home screen of your smart device are the Play Store and Apple App Store. Simply type “Pit Boss Smoke It” into the app store on your smartphone to install the Pit Boss app. Click the App to download and install it.

How to use it?

On some Pit Boss pellet grills, the application necessitates the installation of a Pit Boss WiFi control board. You can follow these instructions to connect your controller to your wifi home router and then to the App. You already have the Pit Boss LEGACY Controller installed if you own a Pit Boss Pro Series 850 or 1150 grill.

Why is Pit Boss App not connecting?

There has only been one significant update to the app since I first got it. I was immediately logged out during this upgrade and unable to log back in.

I am aware of how upsetting it might be if this happened to you, especially if you could not enter again. When I clicked on “lost password,” they kept telling me that my email wasn't on file, and I was never able to log back in.

WiFi connectivity

If you're having problems connecting to Wi-Fi, you probably entered the wrong password. Even if you entered the right password, it might not connect the first time.

However, the second or third time it will connect. The program sometimes fails to establish a connection on the first try, at least in my experience and that of some other users.

Trouble connecting via Bluetooth

Check your phone's settings, app permissions, and allow location services to be used when using the app if you have difficulties connecting through Bluetooth. After that, quit the app and wait 10 to 15 seconds before attempting to connect again.

If you're still unable to connect, uninstall the app from your phone and reinstall it. When the new app version was released, I had to perform this.

Unable to Log In

I merely removed the app from the phone. I then redownloaded it from the app store and restarted from scratch. I opted to register with Apple rather than create an account. I'm no longer concerned about keeping track of a password.

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